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Safety is our top priority

Dear Industry Colleagues,

As the world continues to grapple with the effects of COVID-19, we at DTP have been implementing precautionary measures, in line with the guidance from the World Health Organization and the government of the UAE, since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak to ensure business continuity and the safety of our clients, partners, and employees.

Effective today until 28 March, we have made a decision to stop all business travel to keep our employees safe from any potential hazards. We have also enforced a company-wide, work-from-home policy during the same period as an added preventive measure.

Working from home is not a novel concept at DTP, and so our clients and partners can be assured that our employees are already up to speed with efficient remote work and communication practices. Our team also has access to the digital applications needed to remain productive and reachable by our clients and partners.

Nevertheless, since we are doing it on a company-wide scale, we have provided a clear framework to all our employees, including instructions and expectations, to ensure zero disruption in our operations during this period.

We urge our employees to use web conferencing in place of physical meetings, whenever possible. However, should clients request our employees’ physical presence for crucial meetings, we have instructed them to commute from home to the clients’ site in order to attend the meeting.

Our support team will be available around the clock as usual and will be available on-site if required to guarantee continued service.

Prior to these initiatives, our human resources department has organized a personal hygiene and wellness workshop and has been sending out advisories to educate and guide our employees on the mechanisms of the virus transmission and how simple hygienic practices can prevent contagion. We have ramped up sanitation at our premises and have also urged our employees to avoid any personal travel and gatherings of any sort. 

The business continuity plan will be assessed on a weekly basis in order to determine the best course of action in the weeks to come, based on local and global developments of the situation.

You can rest assured that you can expect the same high level of customer service from our sales and support teams during this challenging period. Our organization has been well-equipped and well-trained to respond to this unprecedented and unpredictable situation, so you can expect no interruption with our service.

Please keep safe and I wish you all well.

Best regards,

Abdul Razzak Mikati
Managing Director, DTP

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