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A team of game-changers in aviation and IT

Taking aviation to new heights

Who We Are

DTP is a technology solutions provider with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed to optimize planning and operations in the aviation industry.

For the last 15 years, DTP has been providing solutions and services to world-class clients including Dubai Airports, Abu Dhabi Airports, Emirates Airlines, and Saudi Airlines Catering. Some of our major projects include DXB’s next-gen program; AUH’s AOS, data warehouse, and business intelligence; DWC’s AOS; and EK-DXB’s infogateway integration project.

We have partnered with leading technology and aviation solution providers, such as Quintiq, Xovis, IBM, Red Hat, Qlik, SAP, and Amadeus to deliver outstanding services and solutions to our clients.

DTP is a member of Al Mansoori Group which was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

What We Do

What We Do

At DTP, we believe technology enables aviation businesses to manage their processes and procedures efficiently and allocate their resources effectively. Our pioneering information technology solutions, products, and services empower the air transport industry to optimize their planning and operations. Ultimately, our solutions allow people to travel hassle-free and enjoy their journey.

Our product suite, DTP tNexus, is a family of solutions that enable airports, airlines, and ground handlers to optimize their operations, such as ACDM compliance, aircraft turnaround, aeronautical data verification, aviation message parsing, and passenger flow monitoring.

Our services include integration, business intelligence, solution delivery, planning optimization, and technical support.

Our Story

DTP has grown dramatically in over a decade: From an aspiring start-up offering support and integration services, we are now a 64-strong team and counting with an expanded portfolio and in-house product development.

We think of our journey in four phases: start-up, rise, growth, and transformation. Read on to discover our history and organic growth.

DTP’s story began in 2004, when Abdul Razzak Mikati, an engineer by trade, set out to help aviation businesses improve and optimize their operational efficiency by harnessing the power of information technology.

He co-founded DTP and led a team of two programmers to provide support to Dubai International Airport’s (DXB) UFIS AODB, RMS, and FIDS systems, followed by system upgrade, expansion, and integration with new interfaces.
Key Projects
Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  • UFIS AODB, RMS, and FIDS system upgrade
  • System expansion and integration with new interfaces
  • Signed an annual support and maintenance contract for UFIS AODB, RMS, and FIDS
Key Projects
In order to enhance the data in DXB's AODB, DTP added even more interfaces, thus cementing its status as the leading aviation systems integrator in the region.

Successful delivery of previous contracts helped secure expansion of the maintenance agreement with DXB.
Key Projects
Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  • System expansion and integration with more interfaces
  • Expansion of support contract
Key Projects
DTP’s exponential growth gained momentum with the winning of AODB, RMS, integration, data warehouse, business intelligence (BI), and infrastructure turnkey implementation for Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH).

This was further supplemented by the awarding of master system deployment contract for various Special Airport Solutions (AOS) in Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), when it opened in 2013, and integration of 34 sub-systems for Emirates Airlines.

In 2015, DTP moves to a bigger office from Port Saeed to Festival City to accommodate its growing team.
Key Projects
Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)
  • Turnkey implementation of AODB, RMS, integration, data warehouse, business intelligence, and infrastructure (UFIS, IBM, Red Hat, HP)

Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  • HW upgrade for airport systems (UFIS, IBM, Redhat)
  • System expansion and integration with new interfaces through IBM ESB
  • Infogateway phase 1 (integration between DXB and Emirates Airlines)
  • System expansion and integration with new interfaces

Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC)
  • Master implementation of AODB, FIDS, and RMS and system integration
  • System Integration with 6 subsystems​
Key Projects
Best Emerging Markets Airport IT Service Provider award for DTP

DTP wins Arabian Reach's Best Emerging Markets Airport IT Service Provider Award in 2012
The year 2016 marked DTP's transformation from a service provider to a full-fledged technology solutions provider with the launch of its in-house product suite: DTP tNexus.

Product development sprang organically from DTP's extensive experience in integration services with major hubs and airlines in the region. With DTP tNexus, DTP aims to help airports, airlines, and ground handlers overcome the limitations of their legacy systems, by integrating disparate systems and providing smart tools and enhanced functionalities.

The partnership with Quintiq, formalized in 2018, was also a key milestone as DTP strives to offer its clients comprehensive solutions, not just in operational efficiency, but also planning optimization.

DTP relocated to a two-floor office in Business Bay by the end of 2018 to house its Dubai-based team, which has doubled in size from the previous year.
Key Projects
Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  • Next-gen multi-airport management program
  • Upgrade of AODB, RMS, FIDS, and system integration (Amadeus, Quintiq, IBM, Red Hat)
  • Infogateway phase 2 (integration between Dubai Airports and Emirates Airlines)
  • System integration of DXB’s SDM platform including crowd management (Xovis, IBM)
  • Implementation of the RMT project
  • Optimization of fixed resources (Quintiq)
  • Implementation of DTP tNexus Message Hub

Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)
  • Implementation of Passenger Flow and Queue Monitoring Solution (Xovis)
  • Design and implementation of DTP tNexus ACDM

Saudi Airlines Catering Company
  • Ramp operations planning (by Quintiq) design and implementation
Key Projects
Abdul Razzak Mikati accepts ADAC's Suppliers Excellence Award

DTP receives Abu Dhabi Airports' Suppliers Excellence Award in 2017
SAP EMEA Partner Excellence Award 2017 for DTP

SAP awards DTP with EMEA Partner Excellence Award in 2017
Fawaz Baroud accepts Red Hat's Emerging Tech Partner of the Year Award

Red Hat awards DTP as its Emerging Tech Partner of the Year in 2018
DTP receives Transport & Logistics ME's Excellence Award 2018

DTP receives Transport & Logistics Middle East's Excellence Award for Aviation Technology Innovation, 2018